May 18, 2024


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1590D Master Lock Resettable Set Your Own Combination Lock Review

Having a reliable combination lock on a school locker is important for your student in maintaining the safety of their belongings. With all the new information that has to be retained when starting the school year, the added task of trying to remember a combination for a lock that is on their locker can be difficult. The more common locks come with a preset combination however, things are different with the 1590D lock and I will show you exactly why.

The 1590D Resettable Set Your Own Combination Lock, manufactured by Master Lock, a well known company that has been in the industry of padlocks and security products since 1921, has a combination padlock, specially designed for school lockers whose prime feature gives your student the ability to set their own personal combination using numbers, letters or both.

The lock offers maximum security and has a latching mechanism that helps prevent theft and shimming. The rotary dial on the lock turns from left to right the same way regular combination locks operate. It comes with a handy reset tool that alleviates the worry of a forgotten password. The colors available are black, green, pink and blue so if your student is doing a colored theme for their locker one of these colors will be sure to add the final touch.

The 1590D lock is easy-to-use and dependable. It offers the security that your student needs for his or her school locker and will surely deter the school thief that is looking to pick a combination lock.