July 24, 2024


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7 Costly Mistakes People Make When Caring For Their Swimming Pool

7 Costly Mistakes People Make When Caring For Their Swimming Pool

If you are one of the many homeowners who have a swimming pool in their yard, you will want to make sure you do not make the follow seven common mistakes people make when they are caring for their pool. Each one of them can create a situation that will affect the cost of operating your pool

Mistake #1: Not checking the time clock set up on the pump on a weekly basis

When you avoid this necessary weekly maintenance task, you run the risk of spending more money on your power bill than necessary. If the pump runs non-stop it will use more electricity than is actually needed to operate your swimming pool.

Mistake #2: Not checking the water level of the pool every day

If you do not check the water level of a pool each day and the level of the water falls below the necessary level, the water will not circulate as needed. This will result in the pump running without water circulating through it and it will burn out the pump. It will then be necessary to contact pool services to make the necessary repairs.

Mistake #3: Not cleaning the baskets of the skimmer boxes and pump on a regular basis

If you allow excess dirt to accumulate in the skimmer box, it will for the motor to draw in more water than it needs to. This also can cause the pump motor to burn out as well and assistance will be required from pool services.

Mistake #4: Allowing the water to be chemically unbalanced

When swimming pool water is not treated on a regular basis with the proper chemicals, algae can develop. This can lead to the need for chemical shocks and filter cartridge replacement

Mistake #5: Leaving metal items, such as coins and screws, on the bottom of the swimming pool

Rust from metals left at the bottom of the pool can result in costly cleaning expenses. Pool services cost approximately $600 for cleaning services.

Mistake #6: Not seeing or taking care of a leaking pump

A leaking pump in a swimming pool can cause a pool to lose water. This can be caused by corrosion and the pump can burn out when the water is allowed to fall below the proper level. Avoiding this mistake will eliminate higher water bills and the need to call pool services to replace or fix the pump system.

Mistake #7: Draining the swimming pool water without a blue waste hose

This can cause chemical damage to the plants and grass where drainage occurs. Damage may occur near the walls of the house if a blue house drain is not used to take the excess water directly to the sewer.