May 23, 2024


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7 Ways to Build Up Your Rock Solid Pecs

In your attempt to keep your body in shape you go for various muscle building exercises, may it be in the gym or even at the comfort of your home.

Whilst doing this, one should never forget to take care of the pecs or the chest muscles. There are 2 reasons why you want them to not only feel good but to look good. With these strong front, one tends to be more confident and of course it aids in attracting the eyeballs of ladies.

Therefore, do use the following suggested exercises to build up your fronts for maximum leverage.

They are so called because they are made up of pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles.

Now, to build up rock solid pecs, just follow these easy 7 steps:

·         Avoid making bench-press exercise your ultimate concern. Also go for Flies and Push-ups.

·         Before hitting up on the flat bench, go for a few incline lifts and prioritize your chest workout.      

·         Do not overdo a single exercise. Try new variants. For upper chest, incline lifts and upper dips are beneficial.

·         For the lower chest, bench press is the best alternative.

·         For those who are craving for square pecs, it’s better to go for traditional muscle building exercises for pecs such as Incline machine press, Incline Barbell press and Dumbbell press. Variants of pullovers and flies are also helpful.

·         Do not disregard the peck deck butterflies and dips. These are helpful in the overall development.

·         While doing butterflies, push-ups, flies and bench-press, try to relax your muscles after a while.

With these healthy and helpful tips you can easily build up rock solid pecs, with whatever muscle building exercise you are up to. Build up your pecs and attract eyes to you.