July 11, 2024


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A Review of the HTN (Health Thru Nutrition) Income Opportunity

A Review of the HTN (Health Thru Nutrition) Income Opportunity

HTN (Health Thru Nutrition) is a company that is in the health and wellness industry. Founded in 1993, HTN’s founder’s spent more than thirteen years creating a line of unique health and wellness products the company calls “life changing.”

Since it’s inception, HTN (Health Thru Nutrition) has received thousands of testimonials praising their line of health and wellness products. It is through these testimonials by individuals from all walks of life that this company proves their commitment to the high quality of their products and really makes the difference.

HTN (Health Thru Nutrition) offers a very extensive line of health and wellness products. Alka-Line Coral Calcium, a variety of nutritional supplements, products for weight management, supplements for more energy, pain relief, facial and skin care products, essential oils, fitness equipment and much more.

Word of mouth has been and usually is the best advertising any company can count on. When people you know use a product, then tell their friends, family and co-workers about something that works, there is no substitute for this kind of marketing. HTN (Health Thru Nutrition) chose the network marketing avenue to bring their products to the public for this reason.

HTN is proud to be one of the top MLM companies in the world today. With over 11 years of business experience behind them, they realize they have only scratched the surface with the health and wellness industry exploding in today’s market. This company is out to touch everyone’s life. With their complete line of products, HTN (Health Thru Nutrition) targets everyone as their market.

HTN employees a full staff of doctors, scientists, biologists and health professionals to continually uncover the most effective products for optimizing health through nutrition.

HTN has a new corporate team that is working harder than ever to make their company a household name within the next five years. They invite individuals looking to become independent distributors with their family and grow with it. They are poised for greatness and are inviting home based business owners to climb on board for the ride.

HTN believes the best timing is right now. Food supplies grown in depleted soil, poor diets, water pollution at an all time high, the use of harmful chemicals throughout the world and the air pollution is at the worse it has ever been. There has never been a greater demand for safe and natural products before.

Many health and wellness products are fast becoming a necessity to help people maintain better health levels in their lives. This is why NTN believes their products are gaining mass popularity like never before.

According to leading world economists, the health and wellness industry is becoming a trillion dollar business throughout the entire world. HTN has spent the last decade laying the groundwork and growing for the next leap forward.

HTN offers a very generous compensation plan with expanding support systems throughout its company at every level of participation by its independent distributors. The company wants you to know they are not just there to support you in this venture, you will be key members as part of their family, growing with them every step of the way.

The company offers a 7 tier structure. From Distributor all the way to Regional Field Vice President. There are many bonuses and structured compensations that promise a very lucrative opportunity for someone that wishes to soar to new heights.