July 24, 2024


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Ab Workout, Shmab Workout – Work Your Whole Body to Lose Belly Fat

Ab Workout, Shmab Workout – Work Your Whole Body to Lose Belly Fat

I have stated that working out your abs is unnecessary if you want to lose belly fat. I could hear your jaw hitting the desk as you read that. I didn’t really have the space to explain, so I want to do it now. I also want to give you some good tips that’ll really bust belly fat.

Why Abs Exercises Don’t Work

Seriously, get on the Web and type ‘abs workout’ into Google. You’ll find a hundred million websites with different workouts that are guaranteed to give you a six pack in three short weeks or your money back. What a bunch of hooey.

The idea that working out your abs gives you a flat belly is called ‘spot reduction’ in the exercise world. Spot reduction says that if you’ve got fat in a certain spot, work it that area and the fat will disappear.

When you work out one area of the body, you will build muscle. That’s a guarantee. But you’ll do nothing about the fat that’s there. Spot reduction doesn’t work to burn fat.

How Your Body Burns Fat

Metabolism is the complex biochemical process that your body uses to turn food and drink into energy. It mixes the nutrients with oxygen so that your body can use them. You use them when you’re moving and also at rest. Your body needs energy for breathing, circulating blood, thinking and repairing cells.

Rather than focusing on exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles, what you should be doing is watching your diet. There are a few key things you can start doing right now that will make a huge difference.

Cut out the Junk Food

Junk food that’s high in sugar and saturated fat is full of carbohydrates. The carbs that your body doesn’t use usually end up in your belly. Lots of people find that when they go off potato chips and soda, the belly shrinks by itself.

It’s tough to cut out junk food when you’re in the habit of eating it, so get out of the habit. First of all, don’t keep it around the house. Second, stay away from places like gas stations where you’re likely to buy it. Replace junk food with healthy snacks and reach for them when you get cravings.

Eat Good Carbs

Not all carbs are bad. In fact, your body needs them to survive. But certain foods have carbs that are good for you while others just go straight to your gut.

White bread, pasta, cookies, donuts and biscuits, all foods made with refined sugar, tend to head straight to your middle. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains, on the other hand, give you carbs that are released slowly over time. Not only do you avoid the fat, you also get more energy.

Fill up on Fluids

Another thing that will help is to drink more water and eat more soup. Water is good for every function of your body, including your metabolism. Studies have found that people who eat soup have lower body mass. Soup also offers a tasty way to get your veggies.

Finally, cutting out the alcohol will greatly reduce your belly fat. Everybody talks about the ‘beer belly,’ but all types of alcohol are full of empty calories.