July 11, 2024


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Alenka Bikar Workout For Nice Toned Thighs and Sexy Hips

Alenka Bikar Workout For Nice Toned Thighs and Sexy Hips

Who is Alenka Bikar and What Is She Known For

Alenka Bikar is a Slovenian sprinter who ran the 200m in track and field from 1997 to 2005 and is currently retired. The reason she gets so much attention is because she is known for one of the sexiest butts of all women. Just go to Google and type in her name and you are sure to see tones of posts and articles about this lady’s rear end. But not only does what she does work for her butt, it also helps her have nice toned thighs and some sexy hips.

Alenka Bikar’s Secret for Nice Toned Thighs and Sexy Hips?

Well the secret is not really that much of a secret since everyone knows what she does, however few women realize that it helps with toning of the thighs and slimming of the hips. Alenkar is a track and field competitor and not long distance marathon running. She runs the 200m which requires her to sprint all out for an short period of time. These quick bursts of speed to move her body is what gives her a great butt and to die for legs. If you don’t think that the sprinting that she does is the cause of her nice thighs and hips just look at the majority of female sprinters. Almost all of them of not only in tip top shape but their legs, thighs and hips are nicely toned and well defined.

Why Sprinting for Toned Thighs and Hips Versus Jogging

For starters jogging doesn’t really work your gluteus maximus enough to cause a change, however when you sprint it puts more focus on making that muscle work harder as the glutes are one of the largest muscles in the body. With that being said it take more of an explosive type of movement to extremely contract it. Many people would suggest that squats will do the same thing however you are more likely to build mass instead of firming up. Sprinting will develop both your glutes and hamstring area and help build your thighs and hip so that everything is equally proportionate giving you a nice sexy appearance.

Fly Through the Air for Your Thighs and Hips to Look Great

When you sprint you first need to make sure that you are relaxing your shoulders and don’t follow the mistake that many others make by shrugging their shoulders up as they run. Another tip is to make sure that when you are sprinting you want to make sure that your feet barely touch the ground. If you look at some of the top sprinters you will notice that their feet seem to never really touch the ground. They will barely touch the ground with their forefoot before it is back in the air again, almost as if they were flying.

Sprinting Workout Like Alenka Bikar and other Female Sprinters

As with any high intensity workout you want to make sure you warm up, so before you begin this workout you should jog for about 100-150 meters then stop and walk back to the starting position. The next time you want to increase your speed to quicker pace and then walk back. Each time you get back to the starting position you will want to increase your level of intensity.

On the 4th go round you should start by jogging about 20 yards and when you hit the 20 yard mark you should go all out as fast as you can. This is what is known as a “running start” and will help prevent the chances of pulling any of your muscles. Walk back to the starting point at a nice brisk pace and do this 2-4 more times. Trust me this well have you with the nicest butt, slimmest hips, and best toned thighs you could ever imagine in no time at all.