July 24, 2024


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Best Cardio Exercise to Fat Burn

Best Cardio Exercise to Fat Burn

What are the best cardio exercise to burn fat? Well, the first criteria that you should look for is finding something you like to do. If you don’t like doing it, chances are you may not stick with it.

Secondly, it should be an exercise that you can perform for at least 20 minutes or more. When you do cardio, there is a time at the beginning when you’re burning mostly carbs. As you continue to exercise, your body is going to switch over to burning mostly fat.

So it’s important that you be able to exercise for a while so that you can reach this crossover point.

That being said, here are a list of some of the best cardio exercise. What’s nice about the list is that if you do happen to get tired of one exercise, you can try another. And keep in mind that there’s nothing stopping you from trying several in one week. By doing this, you’re sure not to get bored.


Jogging is a stable exercise of any fat burning program. Not only will it get you shape, it’s also a great way to commune with nature


If you were on the rowing team in college or rode the rapids on the river, then you know what a great workout this is.


Who doesn’t love bikes? Anyway, the stationary bike is okay, but it you have the time, it way more enjoyable to take a ride on a trail.


Swimming not only is a fantastic cardio exercise, it also works every muscle in your body.

Step Aerobics

With the music blasting, this has become the quintessential cardio workout.


Easy on the knees, plus you can do a lot of other things while performing this exercise such as watching tv or even reading.

Jumping rope

This isn’t a great exercise for performing for a long time, but it you’re in a hurry, five minutes of this will really get your heart pumping.

By getting in the habit of making use of any of these types of exercises helps you’ll be well on your way to burning off those unwanted pounds. And, as always, information is your best ally in your effort to burn fat.