May 24, 2024


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Best Exercises to Build Abs and Achieve a Visible Six Pack

Various abdominal exercise machines exist on the market today, but don’t be lured and fooled! Many of these “magic machines” promise flat and six pack abs with minimal effort in a short period of time. But in reality, machines don’t do the work. Diet plays an integral part in building abs and achieving visible six pack. But aside from having a healthy diet, a correct workout program is very important in order to attain this goal.

Doing proper cardiovascular training is a good way to start working toward flat abs. You can burn calories and thus lose fats this way. Try aerobic exercising, like walking, running, swimming, cycling, three times a week. During other days, do some weight training. By lifting weights, you will build muscles that will burn more calories. Finally, while ab exercises won’t contribute much to burning fat on the belly, they can increase the definition of abdominal muscles or the six pack abs you’re dreaming to have. Remember that there is no miracle abdominal workout, combining crunches with full body exercises like squats, lunges and sprinting is the way to build abs and a six pack. Using some basic equipment, such as powerblock dumbbells and stability ball also helps.

Meanwhile, the following are some good exercises to build abs and achieve visible six pack abs: hanging leg or knee raises with hunched back, ab bicycles and ab scissors, bench crunches and alternating oblique crunches, decline bench leg thrusts, stability ball hip flexion, ab wheel, abdominal vacuums. Now you know the exercises to build abs, it’s time for you to take action! Get in your workout gear and work your way to achieving six pack abs!