July 24, 2024


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Body Building For Skinny People Can Seem Like a Challenge – It Doesn’t Have to Be – Find Out Why

Body Building For Skinny People Can Seem Like a Challenge – It Doesn’t Have to Be – Find Out Why

There are a large number of people who through their own experience would say that body building, for skinny people is a challenge. And though gaining muscle may not come as easy for smaller people when compared to the genetically gifted, it is not an impossible feat. In fact, if you are one of those individuals with a lanky type build, with the right kind of workout, you’ll find that body building, for skinny people, can come just as easy as how the pros do it…except maybe without all the hype.

So now you’re probably wondering what this miracle plan is. Well for starters it’s a tested proven plan that combines the sound exercise principles taught in bonafide fitness education classes today. It’s philosophy and concepts based on the premise of consistent, persistent high intensity work focusing on proper technique, and the right fueling of the body.

If you constantly push your muscles, in order to adapt, the muscle tissue must grow. So perform your workouts with the intent to work your muscles to fatigue or failure…every time you lift. And then be sure and rest 1 day minimum between workouts of the same muscle group. This rest period allows the muscle tissue to heal and build.

But to achieve success by working as efficiently as possible and avoiding injury, you perform you workouts applying all of the proper lifting techniques. This includes the slow controlled movement, proper breathing, use of the full range of motion, and adhering to all safety measures.

You also need optimal fuel to give your body energy. The primary fuel that provides that energy is carbohydrates. So eat 300 to 500 extra calories a day to feed the engine. However, protein is the component that builds the muscle. Be sure to consume the proper amount of protein in your diet which at the very most should be 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight.

Body building for skinny people really is fairly simple but we have a tendency to look to mentors who really don’t come from the world we are living in. And because we look up to those individuals, we want to emulate everything that they did to achieve their muscle gains. We must avoid that simply because they are one of the naturally gifted body builders or worse, they used illegal means to reach the amount of growth they’ve achieved.

So if you are a slender person and want to see real results, the bottom line is: the techniques in body building, for skinny people really should be based on methods used by people with the same build who have been successful themselves. These are the people who have proven techniques that work. And guaranteed, these people apply the methods described above.

When it comes to body building, the truth is that most any workout will help someone who is just starting out. to gain muscle. But for many people who want to literally transform their body, not just any workout will do. For slender or “skinny” people, they wouldn’t perform the same routine that the guys from WWF wrestling would. Typically you’ll find that different metabolism, muscle fiber type, flexibility, etc. means different routines are necessary to achieve optimal results. For example, look at this sample workout to help achieve maximum muscle in your arms:

If you train arms on their own day, super set three different exercises at three different rep ranges. This workout emphasizes a different rep and set scheme to stress the muscle fibers at different intensities and for maximal recruitment:

A1: EZ Bar Bicep Curls A2: Close Grip Bench Press

4 x 6-8 reps 90 second rest

B1: Hammer Bicep Curls B2: Overhead DB Extensions

3 x 8-10 reps 60 sec rest

C1: DB Concentration Curls C2: Tricep Rope Pressdowns

2 x 15 reps 30 sec rest

Ensure your biceps/triceps know they are getting worked. Just curling and pressing heavy weights for your arms is not enough. Too many muscles like your back and shoulders (especially for biceps) can compensate doing the majority of the work and allow cheating. Massive arms can’t be built by swinging tght and cheating.