July 24, 2024


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Body Building – How to Get Muscular Six Pack Abs

Body Building – How to Get Muscular Six Pack Abs

Body building is something that a lot of people I know are pros at. Everyone wants a piece of it and everyone wants results. The most common part of the body that guys want the most is the abdominals and for good reason, the girls want it too. Women love guys with lean, sharp, and visible six pack abs. This is how you do it…

The Problem

The problem that people have when getting six pack abs is that they have belly fat. They falsely believe that doing abs workouts is going to get rid of that fat. This is not true. You have to get on the right diet and you have to do full body exercises in order to burn that belly fat. This is much more efficient than getting rid of belly fat by doing sit ups or crunches.

When the fat is gone

When you don’t have any more belly fat, or at least very little, then it is time to start doing ab workouts. Do sit ups and crunches. To do a sit up, lay flat on the ground. Pretend you are holding on to a bar in front of you and pull yourself up while still holding on to the imagery bar. Then slowly lay back down again.

More exercises

Crunches and sit ups are not the only exercises that can work out your abs. You can also do bicycle crunches. To do a bicycle crunch, lay on the ground as if you were going to do a sit up. While doing sit ups have your feet in the air and move them in a motion similar to pedaling on a bike. Another exercise you can try is leg lifts. All this involves is you laying flat on the ground with legs extended. Put your arms near the side of your legs and then lift your legs up. Make sure your legs go up to a 90 degree angle for maximum exposure.