July 23, 2024


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Body Types: Ectomorph

Body Types: Ectomorph

Building muscle is achievable, but only with good carbs and heavy lifts.

– FIT TIP:The dead lift and other compound lifts are keys to an ectomorph’s muscle building success –

Lean is good, but more muscle is better. However, extra hours of working out in the gym may not give satisfying outcomes.

What’s going on?
Studies reveal that some people do not respond well with strength training. Succeeding tests done on the group stated on page 20 indicated that there was no improvement in the regulation of myogenin – a vital gene for promoting muscle metabolism – of the worst ‘responders’, while other individuals subjected to the same training program experienced enhanced levels of up to 65 percent. This, however, should not disappoint you. Not everyone responds the same way with different workout routines and by fine-tuning the training intensity, frequency, or volume, poor responders would attain superior results.

Big mistakes you’re doing
You’re already lean, and using the treadmill would be pointless. Long and slow-paced workouts will get you nowhere. Also, too much biceps curls and other isolation moves in your weight training only offer minimal results. You should focus more on compound moves such as the bench press, dead lift, and squat, which work on more muscles while providing a hormonal boost for building muscle. Isolation moves are still beneficial, though they should supplement your primary workout. You should allot about 80 percent of your training working on your chief muscle groups.

What to do
Four sets of compound moves at about 8 to 12 reps. Efficient muscle building, however, does not require exhausting gym hours. It’s such a waste to work out 5 days every week, as this only causes too much acceleration of your metabolism, which makes building muscle more difficult. Try doing 3 quality sessions weekly keep your post-warm-up workout period to a maximum of 45 minutes.

Changing your diet
Good thing is that being strict on carbs is not required, as sudden increases in blood glucose is what you’ll need for your muscles to efficiently absorb protein. Consume brown rice and other foods abundant of complex proteins while sticking to at least 2 grams for each kilo of bodyweight. As compared to mesomorphs, ectomorphs should strictly follow adequate protein consumption, as exceeding the limit will increase your metabolism rate and hold back muscle growth.

Additional food for thought
Proper nutrition proves to be equally important to smart training for ectomorphs when it comes to developing muscle tissue. More than endomorphs and mesomorphs, proper intake of supplements is essential. Carb and protein shakes are most advantageous when taken before, during, and after training sessions.

Smart moves
Ectomorphs should treat the deadlift as their best friend. If you have long arms, this will be smooth sailing and will involve your entire body so expect to pack on mass. However, while taller ones could still benefit a lot from squats given their built, it will be harder particularly when going below parallel due to their long limbs. If you’re tall and have lengthy arms, leg presses would be a fitting alternative.