July 24, 2024


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Building Massive Chest Muscles – Tips and Tricks to Gain Chest Mass Fast

Building Massive Chest Muscles – Tips and Tricks to Gain Chest Mass Fast

Building massive chest muscles does not have to be difficult. You can gain mass rather quickly if you know the best ways to perform chest building exercises. Here are some tips and tricks to help get you started.

  1. Backward Resistance – When doing simple bench press or chest press exercises, you should focus on the downward (or inward) part of the repetition more than the initial upward or outward movement. While many people believe they are accomplishing something when they are at the peak of a repetition, the real muscle building happens when you are lowering the weight back down. Contract your muscles hard when lowering, and make this part of the repetition much slower than going up.
  2. Alter the Angle of the Benchpress – When doing bench press, alter your elbow angle by moving your hands along various positions of the bar. While balance is important, consider using a machine instead of free weights until you are comfortable. Altering the angle will work different sections of the chest muscles, building mass in all areas to give a more defined and well rounded appearance.
  3. Incorporate Cross Chest Exercises – Keeping with them theme of all around chest muscle gain, incorporate cross presses into your workout. These are exercises were you pull either dumbbells or machine weights across your chest from one side to the other. Keep your arms at a 30 degree angle or so to get maximum benefit.

There are many other unique ways you can vary your workout for chest mass to see great results. Always be sure to rest between sets, and always stay well hydrated.