May 23, 2024


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Buy Nutrition Supplements – What is GNC?

So you have done your research and have decided that you need to buy nutrition supplements in order to gain that extra edge in your fitness goals. With all of the types of stores and competition on the market you do not know where to buy the supplements at and maybe you do not even know what to buy. Well General Nutrition Centers (GNC) are a great place to consider first. This store will help you to get started and will also help you decide what the right products are for you and your fitness goals.

What is GNC? Well the company actually started in 1935 by David Shakarian, but during the health food craze of the 1960’s, the store was expanded outside of Pittsburgh and changed its name to General Nutrition Center. Shakarian ran the store until he passed in 1984.

GNC carries almost every type of fitness and nutrition supplement on the market. They carry popular brands and also their own line of products called Pro Performance. There are over 6,000 stores in the United States as well as stores in 49 other countries.

Your can find these stores in shopping malls, store-in-a-store (Rite Aid) and any other shopping zones. You will know it is GNC because they have a big sign colored in red drawing in customers. GNC has somewhat become the Wal-Mart of the sports nutritional supplements because they carry almost everything and they often offer the best price. Plus you can always find one where you are located so you can depend on the store.

Another great feature of the store is that they have their own club membership called a gold member which gives you additional discounts. If you go to any of the stores the first seven days of each month you get 20 percent off your purchase price in addition to any sale going on. If you. u shop smart, you can really save a ton of money buying nutritional supplements at GNC.

So if you need to buy some vitamins or herbs GNC also carries what you need. This is truly the one stop store that will satisfy any customer needs buying any sort of supplements. So the next time you are looking to buy some protein, creatine, vitamins, minerals, weight gainers, herbs, sports nutrition bars, energy drinks, or any other supplements, Check GNC out because chances are they will have what you are looking for.