May 17, 2024


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Can a Pregnant Woman Workout?

Now we all know that there is no such thing as a pregnant man… unless you are a seahorse, but the question of whether pregnant people, namely women, can work out is one that needs to be answered.

There are some people out there that say pregnant women should not exercise. This is the farthest thing from the truth. In fact it is important for pregnant women to exercise. Not only does it keep the mother in shape and healthier, but it can actually help during the birth as well as speed up the recovery time after. Women should exercise while they are pregnant, but just like all other activities change when a woman is pregnant so does the exercises that are safest and best to do.

Exercising before you have your baby will speed up the recovery process after you have your baby. If you keep your muscles strong and in shape then they will help your body recover quicker after birth. Also if you have stronger muscles while you are going through labor your body will be stronger and have more energy, and the more energy the better when going through labor.

Here are some great exercises that are safe and can be done while pregnant.

1. Walking – Walking is actually one of the best overall exercises, even if you are not pregnant. Walking is extremely good for you and is a great low key workout. Do not just walk like you are walking out to your car. Put a little hop in your step and walk for the purpose of exercise. If you have a dog it is a great way to get two things done at once. Exercise and walk the dog.

2. Jogging – Jogging is very effective and safe for the baby inside you. Jogging can tend to get more difficult as the pregnancy progress due to the weight you may be carrying, but it is generally safe the whole way through.

3. Swimming – Swimming is an excellent exercise that can take all the weight off your joints. Sometimes carrying the extra weight can bring pain and stress to the knees and ankles. Swimming is an amazing way to continue to exercise but reduce that pain.

4. Abdominal Exercises – Abdominal Exercises are excellent strengthening for labor and recovery. The only caution with abdominal exercises is lying on your back. This can reduce blood pressure and blood flow to the baby. It is suggested to do abdominal exercises that do not require you do lie on your back. This means sit ups and crunches are not a good idea. There are still tons of great abdominal workouts you can do on your feet or on all fours.

There are a few activities that you should avoid if you are pregnant. Namely try to avoid any activities that may cause you to stumble or fall. Cycling, skiing, snowboarding, sports which include contact or a lot of movement like tennis, volleyball, soccer and more can pose a danger of falling, jarring or injuring you or the baby inside. As your pregnancy progresses the activities you can participate in will decrease.

This article was meant to let you know exercise is generally okay when pregnant, and give you ideas of exercises you can do. This is not meant to be advice or counsel in any way. Always consult your doctor or midwife before exercising to verify the exercises you want to do are okay for your specific situation.