July 24, 2024


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Gain Muscle Mass With Only 5 Exercises – Learn Which Exercises Will Guarantee You To Get Big Muscles

Gain Muscle Mass With Only 5 Exercises – Learn Which Exercises Will Guarantee You To Get Big Muscles

Most workouts are filled with a bunch of “fluff” exercises that simply will NOT pack on serious muscle. The truth is, if you really want to get big muscles, you only have to do the following 5 exercises to get massive results in both size and strength.

These are the exercises which have been proven time and time again to pack on the most amount of muscle in the shortest period of time. These are the big daddy’s. No tricep kickbacks or light dumbbell rows here. If you want to build real muscle (not just get toned) then these exercises are the one’s to pay attention to.

1. SQUATS. These not only build up your leg muscles, but they work to pack overall muscle on your body. That’s right, you can actually get upper body benefits from doing squats. Squats are so taxing, and so powerful, that they trigger more muscular growth to occur for the whole body.

2. DEADLIFTS. An old football coach once said, “you want to get big? Do deadlifts.” Not, bicep curls or bench press. Deadlifts. This is another mass builder which can’t be beat. You are working your back, your legs, your shoulders, your forearms, and your traps. If you’ve ever seen guys with massive necks and trapezius muscles, then you’ve seen a guy who does deadlifts.

3. WEIGHTED DIPS. This is like the squat of the upper body. You’ll be working your chest, shoulders, arms, and basically creating a more muscular upper body frame. You should always start out with regular dips until you can do a good 10-12 reps, then start adding some weight.

4. CHINS. And definitely switch to weighted chins once you are able to do a good number of reps on your own. You’ll get a bigger upper back with chins as well as bigger bicep development.

5. BENCH PRESS. Bench will work the chest the most directly out of all the exercises. Bench press has been around a long time and while there have been a ton of machine versions of bench, the traditional free weight press is still the best. You’ll also involve some tricep and shoulder work while performing bench.

You can put together a routine with these exercises based on your own recovery ability. Many men can even get away with a 2 day a week routine by performing squats, bench and dips on one day, and deads plus chins, on another. It may not seem like much, but guaranteed, you will grow.