April 21, 2024


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Get a Fast Six Pack At Home – The Top 3 Crunch-Free Ab Exercises For A Flatter Stomach

Would you believe me if I told you that if you never did another ab-crunch again, you’ll not only save time, you’ll still be able to lose stomach fat and get a fast six pack? Probably not, but you should…

Crunches aren’t very effective at sculpting fast six pack abs.

There are countless of other targeted ab exercises that don’t force you to slave away for 30 minutes every second day like the bodybuilder magazines suggest. The old out-dated ab crunches and sit ups are yesterday’s news. You need to stop wasting your workout time on ineffective routines and exercises. It’s time to replace those dusty old crunches and sit ups with intensity driven full-body abdominal exercises to get better results in half the time.

Not only are crunches useless for exposing those six pack abs, they are down-right dangerous and harmful to your lower back and spine. Every single crunch you do puts excessive force on the lower back in what expert’s describe as a dangerous motion.

That dangerous motion when you crunch is the same motion taken when you bend your back in an attempt to lift something off the floor. Every time you round your back under duress, the disks between your spinal vertebrae compress in an action known as spinal flexion… too much spinal flexion can result in excess stress being applied to the spine and can cause problems such as herniated discs.

Right, so now that we’ve eliminated crunches and sit ups from our exercise routine, we can add the right full-body abdominal exercises into your workout program. The goal is actually to combine the most efficient ab exercises into a training workout that will take less time than your usual boring cardio session.

And you only have to exercise 3 times a week!

No more personal trainers demanding you be at the gym 5 – 6 days a week means you’ll have more time to show off your fast six pack abs anywhere you please.

So, without further delay, here are the Top 5 Crunch-Free Ab Exercises for a flatter stomach:

1. Rollouts on a Stability Ball. These provide a far more powerful stretch and muscle contraction than crunches, and when done properly, they drastically reduce tension in the lower back caused by spinal flexion.

2. Jackknives on a Stability Ball. One of the best exercises for building abdominal endurance throughout the lower and oblique abs.

3. Hanging Knee-Ups. One of my favourite ab exercises because of the zero impact on your lower back. Punch out 50 of these and see if you’re not huffing and puffing!

Get rid of the age old and useless crunches and sit ups. You won’t be losing anything, in fact by replacing them with some of the workouts mentioned above, you have everything to gain.

Combine these exercises with a sound nutrition plan and watch yourself get a fast six pack and keep it for good!