May 17, 2024


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Get Six Pack Abs With the Six Pack Strap

Six packs abs are all the rage and the best way to get them is by using a six pack strap! Who doesn’t want the hard chiseled abdominal muscles? Better yet, how about the strong back to go with them?

The six pack strap works out your back muscles in concert with your abs. This develops your back the way you want it to instead of the way normal ab straps work. The regular ab straps and crunch machines won’t work your back muscles that are the antagonistic muscles to your abdominals. This allows for an imbalance of strengths and opens you up to back aches and injuries. It’s much better to work out in a way that works the two together.

The regular ab straps just hang down from a chip-up bar that allow you to hook your arms into them and hang there. You then lift your knees to your chest, which may be difficult to do, especially for inexperienced bodybuilders. You also have the problem of not being able to add any additional weight.

In order to get your six pack abs you need a high intensive output and progressive overload. You can’t achieve this the way you want to with a regular ab strap. The six pack strap has what’s called a “paratrooper handle” which makes the difference in your workout. Using it, you will also be exercising you abdominal oblique muscles along with the others.

There are several other unique exercise that you can do with it. There is a weighted low pulley and high pulley crunch. In the high pulley crunch you work only the abs without any involvement of the chest muscles, biceps or triceps. This is what you want from an ab workout! One of the other exercises is a low pulley row for the lower back. Again, this works those critical lower back muscles to keep them in balance with your abdominal muscles and allows you you have a nice, strong back.

The six pack strap provides a unique workout for maximum results for your abdominals, obliques and lower back muscles.