May 17, 2024


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Getting A Muscular Body

Getting that muscular and lean look needs the right training and the right diet. Heavy weight training with few sets and repetitions is not the best training for getting muscular and lean. Although heavy weights is number one for building big muscles, it does not get you lean and muscular unless your diet is low in calories. Heavy weights do not create great muscle shape either. I’m not knocking heavy weights, as I have said it is the best training for building huge muscles.

But if your goal is to get a body that looks like a muscular boxer, then a different type of training is needed. I’m going to give you two exercises each for your chest and deltoilds to get these muscles in the best possible shape. We want to achieve a lean and defined chest and sharp and rounded muscular deltoids. Let’s start with your chest first.

The first chest exercise is incline barbell bench press. This exercise works the upper part of the chest (or pectoral muscles). Load a barbell with a weight that you can get over fifty repetitions. As you can see this is a high repetition workout. The old bodybuilding saying that you can make a light weight feel like a heavy weight applies here. For the first three sets try and complete over fifty repetitions. Fifty three or fifty four repetitions will do fine. Make sure that the last repetitions are very tough to complete.

You shouldn’t choose a weight that’s too light and getting fifty plus reps is not hard to achieve. As the sets continue you will inevitably get fewer repetitions. That’s OK but you must get at least thirty five repetitions and nothing less. Ten sets here with the incline barbell bench press. No longer than three minutes rest between each set. Normally bodybuilding rest between sets is between forty five seconds to one minute. But this type of training calls for more rest between sets in order to recover for your next set.

The next exercise is the flat dumbbell flys. Once again choose dumbbells light enough so that you can get the fifty plus repetitions. Try to perform each rep in good form. Get a good stretch at the bottom. Once again ten sets here and the same three minutes rest between each set.

Now lets hit the deltoids. The first exercise is barbell behind the neck press. This exercise works all three heads of the deltoids. Choose a weight that you can get fifty plus repetitions on your first three sets. Ten sets here. All repetitions should be controlled and not too fast. Feel the muscles working. Again three minutes rest between each set. The second set is dumbbell side laterals. This exercise works the side deltoids. Same as before fifty plus reps for the first three sets and three minutes rest between each set.

As the sets continue you must fight as hard as you can to get no fewer than thirty five repetitions. This goes for all of the exercises mentioned. Your last repetitions must be tough. Altogether that’s forty sets. This training is very tough to do in one session, but the rewards are worth it. Do this workout every other day. Include lots of high quality protein and complex carbohydrates. Eat five balanced meals a day. Drink enough water so that you are fully hydrated and ready for your training sessions.