May 17, 2024


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Health Nutrient Vitamin Nutrition – Eat What’s Good For You

In today’s world, nutrition is being more and more recognized as an important part of getting well when sick, and staying healthy to avoid chronic diseases. Most of the nutrient needs of the average person can be met with foods that are eaten, but for many it becomes important to supplement what is eaten with some form of health nutrient vitamin nutrition. Some of these come in the form of pills, or beverages, and some in are available as powders to be sprinkled onto food. No matter what form they take, they can become an important part of a person’s daily routine.

Many people don’t recognize the importance of nutrition when they are sick. Everybody knows that chicken soup helps with colds, and that cranberry juice can help with urinary tract infections. What lots of people don’t know is that increased potassium intake can help flush sodium out of the body. This can help with high blood pressure, some forms of congestive heart disease, and water retention. With the public onslaught of information about the importance of keeping cholesterol low, people are more aware of the importance of a high fiber diet to lower cholesterol or keep it low.

One of the most important nutrients, and one that almost everybody forgets about is water. Humans don’t even get thirsty until they are already partially dehydrated, so it is important to keep one’s intake of plain water up, and consumption of caffeinated beverages down, no matter how delicious soda and coffee are!

Health nutrient vitamin nutrition is one important aspect of daily health routines that doctors do not often discuss with their patients. Doctors remember to ask about whether or not a patient is taking their prescribed medications, and they ask about their new complaints or old family situations, but they may not take the time to ask about what their patients are eating. Some very conscientious doctors remember to ask their senior patients whether or not they eat, but perhaps not what they eat. It’s one thing to treat a patient that has high blood pressure with medication and not wonder why it does not work. It’s a whole other consideration to find out that the patient eats only high sodium cold cuts because they are cheap and easily bought at the supermarket, instead of the fruits and vegetables that are costly and hard to shop for.

It is very easy to get one’s nutrition in a pill, easy to swallow a vitamin every day and not worry about what you eat. But it’s not good for your health in the long run. The best kinds of nutrition are those you eat, fresh fruits of all colors; blueberries, peaches, apples, and cherries, as well as fresh vegetables that have deep colors as well, like broccoli, eggplant and cabbage. When you get your nutrition from the foods you eat rather than relying on a chemical compound that you take, you’re sure to keep your health and avoid the chronic diseases that tend to plague those who live on the modern diet of processed foods.