May 22, 2024


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How to Clean the Cartridge Swimming Pool Filters

Taking a dip in the pool especially in the hot summers can be really relaxing. However, it is very important that you clean and maintain a pool properly, for which you can use the swimming pool filters. These filters make sure that the water in the pool is clean and thus you won’t have to suffer any allergies or other problems. There are different types of filters available in the market, including, diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge filters and sand filters. These filters maintain the quality of water in the pool, removing any debris. These swimming pool filters need regular cleaning, if you want it to serve you properly.

Cleaning the cartridge filters can take up lot of your time, nonetheless it cannot be avoided. When you notice that the filter has become dirty, release it from the pump-filter assemblage and clean the debris with the help of a garden hose. While you are rinsing, do not use the spray nozzle as it may only make the debris move further into the cartridge. It is very important that you rinse the filter as soon as it is separated from the assembly. The reason being drying up can make debris collect further on the filter media, so you will face more difficulty in cleaning it.

Once you have cleaned the cartridge swimming pool filter, let it dry in the sunshine, as sunrays have algaecide properties. After the filter gets dried, take a stiff paint brush and eradicate the loose debris from the fabric of the filter. To soak the filter, you will need a bucket which has a properly fitting lid. Add 1 part pool chlorinator into 6 parts water, in the bucket. Immerse the filters into this solution and cover the bucket with the lid. During this process the microorganisms present in the filter’s fabric will be destroyed.

You may soak them just for a day; however, if you soak them for 3-5 days, you will get best results. Next rinse it properly in a bucket of clean water. After cleaning it properly, let it dry in the sunlight. After it gets dried again use the brush to take the dirt out of the filter’s fabric. Next soak the filters in muriatic acid-water solution, and rinse it with clean waters when the process gets over. Allow it to dry and now your cartridge swimming pool filters is ready to be used again.