July 11, 2024


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How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast And Easy – 3 Proven Tips

How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast And Easy – 3 Proven Tips

Everyone wants to have flat, toned abs. You can find many people searching online for ways to get rid of their belly fat. Below I provide some tips and exercises which are helpful in this regard. Try to incorporate these tips in your daily life and soon you may start seeing some positive results.

1. Increase protein intake – Protein is required for muscle growth. The bigger muscles you have the more energy you require. By building and preserving lean muscle tissue, proteins help in burning more calories, thus promoting weight loss.

There are 3 types of proteins – lean, medium-fat and high-fat proteins. When you are trying to lose weight, you are better off adding lean protein to your diet. Lean protein contains nearly 30-40 calories per ounce while high-fat protein contains 80 to 100 calories an ounce.

Another huge benefit of proteins is that they keep you feeling full for a longer duration than other foods as they take more time to digest. Your body also burns more calories in order to digest proteins. Eggs, chicken, salmon, turkey, nuts are a few excellent sources of protein.

2. Jogging – The mistake most people make when trying to lose belly fat is they only do exercises which specifically target stomach area. This is not the correct approach. Instead you should combine exercises that are specifically for the abdomen with those exercises which give workout to all muscles of the body. Remember that in order to lose belly fat successfully, you should try to reduce your overall body fat. Jogging is an excellent exercise in this regard.

In a study conducted by ‘Journal of Applied Physiology’, it was found that people who jog for nearly 20 miles per week tend to lose belly fat while those who jog less than that may not gain further belly fat but they may not lose what they already have. If you are planning to shrink your belly size, you have to aim for doing 20 miles in a week. It works out to 3 miles per day if you jog all 7 days a week. My suggestion is to start small and then slowly increase the number of miles you jog per week. This way you won’t overburden yourself. People above 40 may consider taking the advice of a doctor before they begin jogging.

3. Interval Training – Experts recommend interval training as the best and most effective method to burn fat. They recommend doing high-intensity workouts for shorter periods of time instead of low-intensity exercises over a long period. Whether you are running, doing squats or weight training, you can burn a lot more fat by having short bursts of high intensity workout sessions.