April 21, 2024


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Laser Focus – Mind Techniques to Build Lean Muscle Mass

Getting the laser focus mind to easily develop a good workout routine is not as hard as it seems. You see those who can go in the weight room and just lift weights all day every day without even looking the other way. Let me tell you an interesting story about myself and how I was able to get over that “fan” type syndrome in which you admire everyone else working in the weight room when you should be the one.

So I was about a 20 year old college student in the weight room, very small and scrawny. I see these guys come in the weight room with laser mind focus. I’m not talking about the ones who are obviously on steroids and just want everyone to see how great their muscles are. I’m talking about the true hard workers. They would come in, eat a little snack, and start working without looking at another person or staring in the mirror doing nothing (I’m guilty for that one).

These guys were absolutely amazing when it came to this, they would just come in, start on their upper body, do some incline bench, flat bench press, go over to the dumb bells, do some triceps, some dumbbell flies, dumbbell press. Next day, they would do leg press, squats, and everything – afterwards they fill up their body with nutrients and proteins – usually whey protein shakes.

I constantly ask them how they did this consistently on a regular basis. The man, who was about 35 years old said to me, I just did it. When he first started going, he would first make sure that he was eating properly, he said, “When you eat properly, you do not want to waste all that good nutrients and just sit down. Also, when you eat tons of complex carbs, you have tons of stored energy, and you do not want it to go to waste”. Every meal he put in complex carbs, which included potatoes, oatmeal, pasta, wholegrain breads, etc.

“The hardest part is getting started”, he also said, you just want to come in, do not think, just come up with a plan before, so when you come in, you know exactly what to do. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.