July 23, 2024


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Mixed Martial Arts Type Workout Routine For the Chest – Plus Bonus Secret For Fighters

Mixed Martial Arts Type Workout Routine For the Chest – Plus Bonus Secret For Fighters

If you spent any time around other guys, school, church, or whatever, then you were always asked what your bench press was. This is true from high school on. I’ve always been competitive, so I worked on my bench press a lot, took supplements, vitamins etc. and made sure that I was always one of the guys who could bench the most on sports teams and among friends.

Of course you know this meant I was tough, I knew could take anyone I could bench more than. Well, then again… when I was in my early twenties I decided to get involved with Martial Arts, I figured now that I was out of college sports this would be my next challenge.

This is so embarrassing, my first class sparing quickly taught me that the bench press did nothing for my ability to be tough. I decided then and there that I had to have a better routing for my chest. I refused to be humiliated so badly. After you read this article you’ll have confidence to put together a workout that is much better for your chest as a martial artist.

Moving a weight from one point to the other in a straight line is not quite so effective if your opponent is coming at you from the side or behind.

First let’s look at what muscles are working to perform a bench press, the triceps the front of your shoulder, of course the pectorals all work together along with a number of other muscles, especially in the core.

To be able to manipulate someone who’s is coming towards you, means not only to you need strength endurance, and muscle endurance.

Now keep in mind that your goals are unique so adjust these to your goals, i.e. if you are working for speed do the sets faster.

Second: best way to get strength endurance:

o Reps: 8-12 per chest exercise (chest press, weighted pushups, flies, kettle bell routine etc.)
o Next do a drop set, drop off some of the weight typically only 15{6fed281ec7a8abc92e2b781741b2370631fe85beacf5ac69d09adc3c180ad946}
o Finally, only rest for 30 to 60 seconds, and repeat the exercises.

An excellent routine for overall muscle endurance, same exercises as above

o Higher reps, 10-15 or more, so lighter weight of course.
o Follow this with as many pushups as you can do.
o Only rest for a maximum of 30 seconds, and repeat

Top Secret: I know you’re dying to find out what the bonus secret is:

Well… okay just kidding.

The vital tips is this, you absolutely must have an iron clad mentality. The fight will be won or lost in the ability or lack of ability to read your opponent.

The goal is to make your opponent think as you want him to, this gives you amazing leverage, that’s harder to beat than just the physical skill. Secrets weapon of the Mix Martial Arts workout.

“Although most fighters believe that the fight is 90 percent mental and ten percent physical, they train 90 percent physical and ten percent mental. That is going to have to change as MMA continues to evolve or those fighters will be left behind.” Randy Couture

Former Ultimate Fighter Champion, Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight