May 17, 2024


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Natural Gynecomastia Treatment

Finding a natural gynecomastia treatment that works is no easy task. There is a lot of misinformation out there and you may be feeling confused as to what strategies to try. In this article, I’ll set you straight with the natural gyecomastia treatments that work vs. the ones that don’t. It wasn’t too long ago that I was in your shoes, staring in the mirror at my own man boobs. Through the techniques I’m about to teach you, I burned away my chest fat and unveiled toned shapely pecs underneath in just about 4 months. You can do it too. Let’s get right to it and naturally cure your gynecomastia!


Don’t Run for miles on end at the Treadmill

I was guilty of this one for a while. When you run in this way, you put your body into an aerobic state where your heart is getting the workout instead of your muscles.

Do Have Short, Intense Cardio Sessions

Stay on the treadmill for about 25 minutes at a time. Run a level thats fast enough to make you sweat but not so fast you become overly winded. The idea is to steadily challenge your muscles and put your body in an anaerobic, fat burning mode. Even if you’re not terribly overweight, your body will look for energy and if the fat is stored in your chest, then that’s where energy will be used. This is a great way to melt away your man boobs.

Lifting Weights

Don’t do flat bench press or declined bench press

Again, this was another exercise mistake I was making. When you build muscle in your mid and lower chest, you actually emphasize your puffy nipples but pushing them out with the newfound muscle.

Do make inclined bench press a part of your weight lifting regimen

By building your upper chest, you will lift your chest as a whole. The loose skin caused by gynecomastia will be pulled back and you will begin to see a difference in just weeks. Also, the muscle on your upper chest will need energy to sustain it. It will grab that energy from the nearest fat source, your man boobs. This one of my favorite natural gynecomastia treatments.

Do make shoulder press exercises a staple in your weightlifting.

Although this doesn’t have a direct effect on your puffy nipples and loose gynecomastia skin, the shoulder press exercise adds to the lifting effect that inclined bench press will have.


Don’t Eat fatty foods or large meals at one sitting

Even if you’re skinny as a rail, know that your natural gynecomastia treatment is intended to burn fat from your chest area. For this reason, mastering your metabolism is a big step.

Do Eat 6 small meals a day

By eating 6 small meals a day you will boost your metabolism and force your body to burn calories faster. If it can’t find calories to burn it will start taking energy from your fat stores. You’ll find that you’ll start to burn your chest fat in your sleep with this natural gynecomastia treatment.