April 21, 2024


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New Easy Diet Secret – How I Lost 20 Lbs Fast and Got a Flatter Stomach, Unconventionally!

I am a 22 year old female. I’m tall, a high 5’8, and at my heaviest weighed 170 lbs, carrying the majority of my weight in my stomach and thighs. I absolutely hated this. I have tried consistent working out, eating a high fiber diet (I am also hypoglycemic), all to minimally satisfying results. In fact, as I was working out I was gaining weight in muscle, but not looking any better! It was very frustrating. Now, I weigh 135 lbs!!!! I haven’t seen a number on the scale that low since my early teens and I feel great.

I have a super tip that is really easy for losing weight, it worked great for me and I suggest it to everyone. Studies show that diet drinks (Soda, Skim milk, Teas, etc) actually encourage more eating! By drinking things that contain zero glucose, the body isn’t getting any signals to feel “full” from your drinks, and instead relies solely on the food you intake. Drinks can be a great way to fill up and eat less, but if these drinks are diet sodas with zero glucose in them, they won’t do the trick and you will eat more. Since I have always loved Coca Cola Classic, I decided to stop punishing myself with diet sodas and skim milk. I really noticed a change right away.


When I was drinking skim milk, I could sit down with a whole tray of Oreos and eat them; using whole milk I now only eat one or two and feel completely satisfied. This way the milk becomes part of the snack, just as regular sodas become part of the caloric intake and dinner meal. I am still eating everything I want but in smaller portions without forcing myself to eat in smaller portions. Then, as I started noticing this easy way to keep my hunger satisfied, it became more and more pleasurable for me to eat decently sized meals and not overeat, enjoying nice beverages with it. I urge you all to try this and carefully observe how you feel while eating; I guarantee you will feel satisfied faster.

As soon as I lost 5 lbs this way I was thrilled to continue the trend so I learned as much as I can about truly effective personalized weight loss tips, and I found a bunch of great, effective, CALORIE SHIFTING ways to lose weight. Calorie shifting is the name of what I did in switching from DIET to REGULAR soda, and there are many other ways to do it.