May 18, 2024


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Proven Penis Enlargement is a Reality

If you have just about had it with reading about sure quick fixes and miracle pills for penis enhancement, I understand. I’ve been in your shoes and spent far too long looking for some form of proven penis enlargement myself. When I was looking for the right product for my needs I can across just an absolutely enormous amount of bad information, and more importantly products that never delivered the results that they promised.

If you are looking for proven penis enlargement results, and not just sales pitches it’s important to recognize that you need to take a good long look at the field and pick your target. Are you looking for an outpatient surgery, or would you be interested in a “Do it yourself” approach? Is you privacy important to you? Would you feel embarrassed going to a doctor to ask about surgical enhancement options? If you want to keep your privacy, there are programs available that do yield proven penis enlargement in a do it yourself atmosphere.

There is a misconception out there that the penis is a muscle. It’s not a muscle. It’s really more of a chamber of soft tissues that have the capacity to hold a fixed amount of blood. The more blood those tissues can hold, the larger your penis will be while erect. All of the proven penis enlargement methods that I have had experience with use a system of training these tissues to handle more blood, thus increasing the size of your penis, substantially in some cases.

Those basic principles are the foundation for every really effective and proven penis enlargement program. I have experience with several dozen different such programs, and there are differences between them. However, if there is any one aspect of all of the effective programs share – it’s the basic understanding of what works and application of it. Some programs apply the knowledge better than others. The leader of the pack actually continues to do on-going research in the field to determine the best way to break down those tissues and enable them to handle as much blood as possible, thus creating the largest erection possible.

If you really want to find proven penis enlargement, you should look for a program that has significant on-going research. It’s this on-going research and a commitment to the study that produces the best results in the end. In addition, you should make sure that the program’s creator provides excellent customer service because there is a good possibility that you will have some questions to ask as the process isn’t particularly simple, but it’s effective.

You might ask yourself how it is that we know so much about this, and it’s a fair question. I have personally spent over $5,000 on various products available for penis enlargement or enhancement and have seen most of the trick out there. Out of all of the products, 3 of them stood out as proven penis enlargement methods in that they produced results, IE penis enlargement. All 3 of them were based loosely around the same basic principles of increasing the size of the various blood chambers in the penis.

What the programs all set out to do was fairly basic and similar. Using your hands, you “Massage” or “Exercise” the tissues of the penis in a specific order and method to break down the tissues of the chamber walls. Even though the penis isn’t a muscle, it is still human tissue and like all tissues you can break them down structurally and your body will rebuild them large and stronger, much like what happens to your chest if you work on improving your bench press.

By using your hands, you have total control over the process. Unlike weights or traction devices that are proven to not work, you can methodically and purposefully control how you change the size and even the shape of your penis by changing how you use your hands. Or you can change which methods you focus on to yield greater gains in just one aspect.