July 24, 2024


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Rationale for Swimming to Gain Importance

Rationale for Swimming to Gain Importance

“I love swimming,” a statement made mostly by many. It is a sport that is highly beneficial for the overall development of the body. It is enjoyed by almost everybody as it is entertaining and keeps fitness in control. It is the best way to burn out those extra kilos and yet feel refreshed. One of the sports enjoyed by people of all ages. It is one of the best ways to keep oneself fit as it includes the whole body movement. It is also gaining momentum as it has been added to the Olympic Games. It is a very relaxing activity and keeps the body in shape.

Strokes in Swimming

• The breaststroke which is quite a difficult one as the body needs to move up and down while gliding against water.

• Backstroke is easier than the breaststroke, both the arms are supposed to exert equal pressure.

• Freestyle stroke involves flipping through the water.

Benefits of Swimming

• It helps to keep the heart rate under control

• It is known to reduce stress levels.

• Helps to build the stamina and muscles

• Keeps weight gain in control

• Prevents heart diseases and regulates blood pressure

• The most relaxing form of exercise in order to be fit

• It enhances flexibility in the body

• Helps in maintaining posture

• An activity which can continue throughout life.

• It keeps one healthy.

• It has many mental benefits as well.

• Staying in water freshens the body.

• Swimming is highly recommended by health specialists.

• It helps in lifting the mood.

Swimming Equipment

• Swimsuits are the foremost requirement to enter a pool.

• It is also important to wear goggles so that the chlorinated water does not enter the eyes.

• Bathing cups also serve as a necessity for protection of hair.

• For beginners, the market has a variety of floaters available which help one to swim

Limitations of swimming

• Staying in chlorinated water can be hazardous to health

• While swimming in an ocean, there are chances of heavy currents which could throw you far away from the shores.

• The biggest threat is that of drowning so it is best to be vigilant when kids or children are swimming.

• The disinfectant if used in more than required quantity can lead to respiratory issues.

• Excess of swimming can also be dangerous for the joints.

• Swimming for longer duration can darken the skin colour.

• Can lead to an ear infection as well.

Swimming can thus be considered to be a full body exercise and offers a seamless combination of aerobics and endurance. It is one of the best ways to keep healthy and fit however it is important to be cautious of the health issues associated with it and be vigilant to not do it excessively.