July 23, 2024


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Simple Exercises to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Simple Exercises to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Let’s be frank, exercising is the best way to lose man boobs, there is no getting around it or avoiding it. There are no shortcuts. But yes, diet is very, very important.

A proper combination of exercise and diet can go a long way in helping you to lose those bog man boobs. There are so many people who do a thousand push-ups every day, but for them, it is pretty useless.

The reason? Their diet. A few important things to remember when you’re specifically targeting your chest though, incorporate zinc, monounsaturated fat, Omega 3-Fatty Acids and vitamin C in your diet.

Try a few of these exercises and be surprised.

The Decline Push up

Lie flat on the floor, chest-down, keep your arms about a shoulder width apart from each other, with the palms facing the floor. Keep a low stool in handy and raise your legs up so that they rest on the stool.

Make sure your legs are absolutely straight, then go on and do the push up. Make sure you don’t lock your elbows though. Breathe out while pushing up and breathe in while going back down.

The Incline bench press

Designed specifically for your chest and upper body, this machine is probably a boon for those with Gynecomastia.

Lean back on the bench press at an angle of about 30-35 degrees, make sure your lower back has a proper base and is resting fully on the bench, then raise the bar.

Arch your back slightly while doing this, hold it above for just about a second and then bring it down gradually so that it touches your upper chest, pause for a second repeat the cycle.

Push Ups

The easiest exercise. It needs no introduction and can be done anywhere. Lie down with your chest facing the floor, keep your hands, palms flat down at shoulder level and keep them apart by slightly more than a shoulder width, keep your legs straight and joined together.

Exhale and straighten your arms to push your body up and off the floor, then gradually lower your body and inhale.

Dumb Bells

Dumb bells are also very effective against man boobs. Hold the dumb bell out in front of you and then raise it up until it becomes as high as your chin, keep it in that position for about 3 seconds and then lower it back down.

Sounds simple? It is, just keep yourself motivated and you will be well on the way to losing those embarrassing extra pounds in the wrong places.