April 21, 2024


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Simple Tips To Get Your Apple Mac Running Like New Within The Hour!

Apple Mac computers such as the Macbooks, Macbook Pro and the iMac, are known and famous for their snappy speed and their ability to be able to run several complicated programs at once.

It is these features and their expensive price tag that makes it even more frustrating when your Mac begins to run slow.

If you are currently suffering from ‘Mac running slow’ syndrome, here are few simple and free steps to get it running as good as new within the hour.

First Tip

Take a look at how many programs you have open at once. I know that the Mac is supposed to be capable of running at optimum speed, no matter how many windows and and applications you have open, but unfortunately some times life just isn’t that simple.

Unless you have the most recent model, your Mac probably only has 1 or 2gb or ram, plus no dedicated video card. This means that your laptop or computer can only really cope with two programs at any one time.

Second Tip

If you notice your beloved Mac is running slow when you are browsing the Internet, and you are sure that is is not your Internet provider, make sure you have no more than four tabs or windows opened up at once. You can have over ten if you like but you will definitely notice a considerably drop in the speed of loading pages.

If your Internet is still slow and you have only one or two tabs opens, I suggest emptying your history and cache. Over time your browsing history will gather so much information that it can significantly slow down the speed of your Internet browser.

Third Tip

If you are still having an issue with the loading speed of your Internet, try swapping browsers.

Most Mac users browse on Safari, as it is the default Internet browser on an Apple Mac. However, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are much better and quicker. So I strongly recommend you go ahead and install one of them.

Fourth and Final Tip

My fourth and final tip is probably going to be the answer and the real reason to why your Mac is running slow. It needs a good clean!

By cleaning, I mean getting rid off any duplicate files and folders and old data and forgotten applications and software’s that are taking up space.

Disk space is how much space you have remaining on your computer. Just because your new Mac brags about having 250g of disk space, does not mean that you can completely fill it up and expect it to work as good as new. If you have less that 50{6fed281ec7a8abc92e2b781741b2370631fe85beacf5ac69d09adc3c180ad946} disk space left, you really need to do some cleaning.

Don’t, worry you don’t have to sieve thought your entire computer manually. The best and most effective way to completely clean out your hard drive is by using a professional Mac cleaner.

Mac cleaners really are fantastic as they will completely free an amazing amount of space, dramatically boosting your Macs performance.

After all the tips above did not do much for my Mac Running Slow, I resorted to a Mac cleaner, and let’s just say, I wish I had discovered it sooner!

The cleaner managed to hunt down a whopping 45 GB of disk space, and my Mac was only 8 months old!

Now I realise I said that these tips on ‘How to Get Your Mac Running Fast’ again, would be free, and most good Mac cleaners are not free. However, some do offer a free trial.

So go ahead, download a free Mac cleaner trial and your Mac will be running as good as news within the hour!

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