May 24, 2024


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Standalone DVRs For Home Security With H.264 Recording Codec Provide Better Video Quality

New H.264 video codecs have been used for the past few years for high definition video recording and playback, such as what is found on blu-ray discs. This new video codec produces better quality video with smaller file sizes than previous codecs such as M-JPEG or MPEG-4. Standalone DVRs have used the older MJPEG and MPEG-4 codecs traditionally, but the new video codec has been slowly trickling into the security camera market for the past year. Luckily, the technology has now become more affordable, and now even budget home Standalone DVRs for home security camera systems are beginning to use the new H.264 video codec.

The fact that even many budget standalone DVRs are now coming equipped with the new H.264 video codec is great news for homeowners, because now they can get better quality recording out of their indoor and outdoor home security cameras by installing a new H.264 embedded DVR. Due to the small file size for the new H.264 video codec, this allows the same cameras to now take up less space on the hard drive as well, meaning that the cameras may be able to record for much longer on the same size hard drive as used with older DVRs. With the addition of the H.264 video codec, standalone DVRs are becoming an increasingly good option for home and small business security cameras installations by providing a better quality video recording.

The new H.264 video codec provides even more benefits when joined with a network capable embedded standalone DVR. This codec offers smoother and higher frame rate video streaming over the internet due to the smaller frame sizes. This allows the standalone DVRs to provide improved remote viewing features, more on par with what PC based DVR systems have been providing for years through improved video network transfer. Many standalone embedded DVRs are now basically small computers running embedded Linux operating systems to handle the additional video compression and network features, which provides a stable and reliable platform for a security camera system.