May 17, 2024


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Swimming Dangers and Safety Tips

When swimming accidents are reported on the news, usually they cover a child drowning accident or the drowning of an experienced swimmer. Strong swimmers may feel that, since they know how to swim well, they don’t need to abide by the same safety rules that children and inexperienced swimmers follow. However, this misconception puts skilled swimmers at risk because they don’t believe that they are in danger of drowning.

Drowning Risks

Being a strong swimmer doesn’t exempt you from the possibility of drowning. Even the best swimmers get fatigued after a hard workout. Part of being an experienced swimmer is knowing the safety risks that you face each time you go swimming. People who swim alone or at night have a higher chance of drowning because it is difficult for others to find them and help them if they get into trouble.

Even when you are with a group, consider your surroundings and do not overestimate your swimming abilities. A swimming situation that seems dangerous probably is. If you decide to swim in deep water or further from shore, keep a flotation device near you in case you become fatigued or cramp up during your swim.

Swimming Safety

Whenever you go swimming, consider the following safety tips to decrease your risk of a swimming accident:

  • Avoid water that has a strong current, such as a flowing stream or river. If you swim in the ocean, avoid swimming far from shore, especially when the tide is going out.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Don’t jump into murky water where you can’t see how deep the water is.
  • Avoid swimming at night.
  • When swimming in a body of water with boats or other watercraft, stay near shore and wear a bright swim suit or life jacket so that you are visible to others.

Knowing what swimming situations to avoid can mean the difference between life and death in a swimming accident. Don’t let yourself be caught in a dangerous situation that could potentially lead to serious injury for you or others.

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