May 22, 2024


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Swimming Enhancement Through Hypnosis – Get Your Head in the Race!

Becoming a winner at competition swimming requires more than just strength. If you are going to be the fastest swimmer in the pool, you need to have perfect technique. Perfect technique comes from practice and ensuring your head is in the race. You need to ensure that the technique that you have been practicing so diligently is not lost in the heat of the race. This requires total concentration. Concentration is the key, and those that have great swimming skills, strength and concentration will be the ones that come out on top.

One great way to improve your drive and concentration is through hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used by many athletes to improve their game and help them become winners. Many sports stars use hypnosis when they need to get out of a slump. Hypnosis will definitely help them out of their slump but why wait until you are in a slump to improve your swimming. More than a few medalists in the Olympic Games have successfully used sports hypnosis to keep their Concentration and attention on winning the medal. They only get one shot every four years so they really need to be on top of their game both mentally and physically. There are even some teams that have used hypnotism to help the entire team win the gold.

Hypnosis can improve any body’s performance and can definitely help swimmers improve their times. Just remember that hypnosis does not produce miracles. Will it take an average swimmer and turn them into an Olympian? No, hypnosis will not necessarily make you an Olympic star. However, it can take an average swimmer and help to improve their times and make them a better swimmer. To be great you still need to practice, eat right and exercise. Hypnosis will just give you that extra edge over your competition because your focus and concentration will be superior.

You may be wondering what will occur during a hypnosis session. It really depends on the hypnotist that you will be working with to improve your swimming. There are many different techniques that hypnotists use. However they will likely get you to relax and have your mind enter an alpha state. When your mind is in an alpha state, it is 200 times more susceptible to suggestions. When you are in an alpha state, you will actually be awake and will remember everything that occurs during the sessions. Some people may go into a deeper trance but it is not necessary for the hypnosis process. The important thing to remember is that you will be aware and will likely remember your session. Just because you remember your session does not mean that you were not hypnotized. You need to remember that an alpha state is a fully conscious state and when you are in this state you will benefit from the suggestions that are being presented to you.

The technique used once you are in an alpha state may be as simple as visualization. Imagine you are a swimmer and you need to practice flip turns. When you practice, you make a good flip turn sometimes, but you also mess up your flip turns as your practice. This means that you are practicing bad flip turns part of the time that you are practicing. This doesn’t mean that you should stop practicing. Of course one needs to practice but visualizing perfect flip turns will help build confidence in your ability to do perfect flip turns every time. It helps your subconscious mind understand what it needs to do. Since your subconscious is what controls your body and its actions, this is the best way to make positive change to your technique.

Try it yourself. Go the pool and spend a few minutes visualizing the perfect flip turn. Close your eyes and see yourself going through the motions of the flip turn making sure the technique is perfect. Once you do the visualization drill, get in the pool and do some flip turns. I bet your flip turns are improved. Now for this to be a long term change, you need to do this on a continual basis.

Again, this is just one technique that hypnotists may use. The hypnotist will determine where you need work. They will then use whatever tools they feel are best to help you improve your situation based on your specific needs. These tools will act upon your subconscious mind and really give you the edge over your swimming competition. You also should not be scared of hypnosis. The hypnotist will not make you act like a chicken or be able to do anything that you do not want to do. Remember you will be alert through the hypnosis process and you can not be forced to do anything that you do not want to. You still should check the references of the hypnotist that you plan to work with and make sure you feel comfortable with that person.

So, whatever your swimming goals are you can use hypnosis to increase your potential and get your head in the game and become a better swimmer.