March 3, 2024


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The Power Of Natural Game For Effortless Seduction And Attraction

Girls want leaders who are in control of their emotions, not needy betas who are always desperate for their approval.

You know this. Everybody knows this. Now, I’m talking about emotionally healthy women that crave emotionally healthy men. I’m not talking about some kind of weird “co-dependent” relationship where each person is trying to fill a “hole” left by some parent.

But everybody also knows that in order to get that six pack, you’ve got to eat lean protein every day, and do a couple thousand sit ups every morning.

Clearly, knowing what to do, and being able to actually do it are two completely different things.

Simply knowing that having an indestructible frame will make a girl literally melt in your presence, being able to pull it off, especially in the heat of the moment, ain’t so easy.

Luckily, there’s a few mental strategies that will help. Kind of like when you intend to get that six pack, you don’t fill your freezer with ice cream and cookies.

The first mental trick is to set a strong, specific intention before going into any situation. Most guys go out with a vague intention of getting laid, or “hopefully” collecting phone numbers.

Then they get into the mix, and their caveman instincts are pulling their emotions all over the place. Since they don’t really have an idea what they want, their conscious minds don’t know what to focus on, and their caveman brains take over.

This usually doesn’t end well.

On the other hand, if you focus on a specific intention, and ONLY try to achieve THAT, it will be much easier.

Another mind trick that works great alongside this is an understanding that learning game is a lifelong process. Clearly, being able to walk up to cute girls and talk them into bed is a fantastic skill that will literally resonate through all areas of your life.

Better relationships, better health, and a lot more income and respect are waiting for you once you “handle” this skill. Because for most guys, talking to cute girls when it’s all on the line is their deepest, darkest fear, once you can do this consistently, everything else in life will be a piece of cake.

So always keep a long term view in mind.

Choose whatever you’re comfortable doing, and set THAT as your intention, and just keep doing THAT and only THAT until you’re ready for the next level.

Make eye contact, make eye contact and smile, say “hi,” whatever. Just choose ONE specific intention every single time you go out, and focus ONLY on getting that intention.

This will dramatically reduce the fear, significantly improve your frame, and make you much more attractive.

Another thing that will help is ALWAYS have a few things on your mind that are AS IMPORTANT or MORE IMPORTANT than getting girls.

So whenever you talk to them, they’ll sense that you’re doing bigger things in life than just chasing skirts.

Will have the paradoxical effect of making you irresistible.