July 24, 2024


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Treadmill Review – Weslo Treadmills

Treadmill Review – Weslo Treadmills


Weslo (owned by Icon Fitness) is currently producing four treadmills: the Cadence C22, the Cadence 340 CS, the Cadence 255DR, and the Cadence C78. The prices range from $199 to $699 and the uses cover walking, jogging, and running.

Weslo Cadence C22

The Cadence C22 is Weslo’s entry for walking only. The major plus for the Cadence C22 is it’s cost, at $199 it’s hard to go too far wrong. The major negatives are that the track is not cushioned and the user must adjust the incline angle manually. Not having a cushioned track means that it will be harder on the user’s back and joints. Adjusting the incline by hand means that the user will have to get off the treadmill to change the incline.

Weslo Cadence 340 CS

The Cadence 340 CS is a step above the Cadence C22 and will allow the user to jog on the treadmill. The motor is significantly larger than on the C22 (2.0 hp vs 1.0 hp) and the track is cushioned. These features will allow the user to jog. The treadmill is not suitable for running as the track length is still a littler shorter than I would like, at 45″ it is still significantly shorter than many treadmill tracks on the market.

Weslo Cadence 255DR

The Cadence 255DR is another step up in features and in cost. The price is $699, up from $399 for the Cadence 340 CS. The big feature that you get for that price is that the treadmill has a power incline. So, the user can adjust the incline while exercising, without getting off the treadmill. The only negative for this treadmill is that the track is still a little short (still 45″), so it is not suitable for running.

Weslo Cadence C78

The Cadence C78 is the best treadmill that Weslo sells. At $699 it is the same cost as the Cadence 255DR, but it has a larger motor (2.75 hp vs 2.0 hp) and a longer track (54″ vs 45″). It also has the power incline and a heart rate monitor (whicdh the Cadence 255DR also has).


Weslo has a treadmill targeted for the three major types of treadmill users. If you are walking only you should look at the Cadence C22, if you are going to walk and jog you will want to look at the Cadence 340 CS, and if you are going to run seriously the Cadence C78 is the model for you to look at.