June 16, 2024


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Tug on His Heart Strings – Make Him Fall For You Through Positive Emotions

Do you long to tug on his heart strings and make him fall for you? Do you wish to start a relationship and develop it into something real, quickly? Are you sick of trying so hard to make it all work and not getting anywhere? Don’t worry, relax. You are not alone. There are lots of women out there wondering how to make him fall in love. The answer it to tug on his heart strings through positive emotions.

Positive emotions are what cause men to fall in love. Each time he experiences a positive emotion around you it gets tucked away in your mental file. This emotions cause him to take a tiny baby strep toward you as you tug on his heart strings.

1. Be a Positive Person.

The people who produce the strongest positive emotions in others are those who are positive people. You can work on being a positive person and make it so that more and more people enjoy being around you. To work on being a positive person work on pushing out negative thoughts and work on producing positive ones. Let go of your own negative emotions when they come around and work on being sunny as often as possible.

2. Make You Time Together Special.

You want every experience that the two of you have together to be special. That way each time you are together you will give him another emotion to tuck away in his mental folder of you. This will also help him get a little closer to love.

3. Spend Some Time Apart.

When you are together you need to make the occasion as special one. Make it fun. Enjoy your time together. But also make sure that you spend enough time apart for him to really appreciate you once you spend more time together. This will work best if you keep on having a life. Treat yourself to a massage, nail treatment, go out with friends, and go out with family.

4. Super Charge Your Dates.

You want to super charge your dates. To do this go to more than one fun location on each date. This will give him more memories to file away. In a sense it will make him feel like he has known you a lot longer than he has. It will also give him more experiences to file away good emotions with. Do this by going to lunch, then the park, and finish up with another location. For each of your dates go to new places and do new things for the maximum number of memories possible. If you always go to the same place and do the same thing than the memories will run together.

You want to tug on his heart strings and make him fall for you through positive emotions. You can make positive emotions by being a positive person, making your time together special, spending some time apart, and super charing your dates. Make sure you have fun while doing it. Your fun will help inspire his own.