May 23, 2024


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Wearing Bras in Public

Should we have a right to wear bras in public, like Sports Bras? The laws regarding wearing bras and public indency are very subjective and confusing. Some legislative officials in various states have decided not to ban all undergarments. They want the ban to be indecent exposure. This is very subjective and up to the police, judges, prosecutors, and jurors.

Many women love to go jogging in their sports bra. It seems that they should be allowed. The material is not see through and covers up all the breast area. Men go jogging with their shirts off. The problem is that it is considered lingerie. Most police will not cite you; however, they can if they want. It can be considered less clothing than one would expect. You can be cited for indecent exposure, public nuisance, or public disturbance.

Some women choose to wear see-through tops; thereby, they allow their bras to show through. Society these days seem to accept this, especially at a night club. The main factor is if your nipple is showing. When choosing this option, societal pressure dictates that your breasts should be covered. What is the difference? It is societal values; however, it is still very subjective. You can be cited and it is situational.

At the beach, women wear bikinis. Many bras cover more than a bikini would but you are not allowed to wear a bra and underwear. It is a different fabric. Although the laws do not distinguish between fabric, it is socially unacceptable and subject to citation. The same thing applies to a g-string bikini and a regular g-string. You can not wear lingerie g-string.

People of different cultures wear different amounts of clothing. Society dictates what we are allowed to wear. The rules are based on public expectation and comes down to the question of “Are you wearing less clothing than other people would expect?” Does this seem fair? No! How can you expect to follow laws when they are based on subjectivity. Plus, it does seem prejudicial and discriminatory when men can go topless and women can’t even go out in a bra that covers the whole breast area. It come down to using your judgement and being up with societal values.

People are slowly loosening their uptight values. Some organizations are actually fighting for toplessness for women and winning. You will see women working out in just their sports bras. You will see women baring parts of their bras. The problem is that you can still get cited for indecent exposure, public nuisance, and public disturbance. If you want to wear less and less clothes and show off your lingerie, be careful and pay attention to the situation around you. Fair or not fair, you can still be cited for showing off your lingerie.