May 23, 2024


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What to Consider Before Purchasing a Home With an Olympic Sized Pool

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing swimming pool, or are in the market for a home with a larger than life swimming pool, purchasing a home with an Olympic swimming pool is as large as they come. Such homes can garner you quite a hefty selling price, with homes listed for as little as $600K, well into the seven-figure ballpark. For the household that is more interested in owning a home with an Olympic swimming pool for intrinsic value, there are few important facts that every home owner should know.

Olympic swimming pools are the largest and deepest type of pool that can purchased. Typically these pools are built in the ground and can be made from concrete (the more obvious choice), plastic, metal, or even fiberglass. While Olympic swimming pools first made their way on the scene due to use in Olympic competitions, they soon gained popularity with homeowners who sought out to have the biggest, swankiest pool money could buy. Along came the Olympic sized swimming pool — residential style.

A typical home that showcases an Olympic sized swimming pool is one that sits on quite a bit of land as these types of pools are known to take up as much as 164 ft (50 m) in length and 82 feet (25 m) in width. To put it more clearly, approximately 660,000 gallons of water is needed to fill an Olympic sized pool.

Olympic swimming pools were originally designed to give swimmers the upper hand in achieving record-breaking performances. Due to their size, these pools prevent waves from interfering with swimmers during races. However, the average homeowner of an Olympic swimming pool doesn’t pay too much attention to such aerodynamics. Instead, they are far more concerned with how many people can fit into the pool, and if their pool is indeed making a statement.

Furthermore, homes with an Olympic swimming pool typically do not conform to our general design of the Olympic swimming pools seen on television. Instead, homes that showcase these types of pools are generally custom built to include features such as waterfalls, rocks, winding landscaping, and many more custom features. Understandably though, homes that boast Olympic sized swimming pools are typically those which are built on several acres of land as the typical single family home does not have enough backyard space to house a 150 ft pool.

In Los Angeles, you can find several celebrity homes boasting Olympic sized pools. In fact, these homes tend to go above and beyond the average design. With custom features added in such as underwater audio, automatic water heating, and even built-in barbecue grills, these homes with Olympic pools are far above the average.

It’s important to note that building an Olympic sized swimming pool on your property is not cheap. In fact, prices can begin for as little as $150,000 to upwards of $1,000,000 (or even several times higher). Furthermore, homeowners should take into account the upkeep required to maintain Olympic sized pools. Surely cleaning 660,000 gallons of water isn’t a chore for the average home owner.

For the homeowner who decides that purchasing an Olympic sized swimming pool is not the best idea for their home, consider investing in Jr. Olympic swimming pools which offer half the length and width, but just as much fun.