July 24, 2024


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Workout Routines For Women – The 45 Minute Workout Plan

Workout Routines For Women – The 45 Minute Workout Plan

When it comes to looking fit and sexy women and men have different ways in which to accomplish that. For men it usually comes with the thought of weight training and bulking up, women however are more interested in firming up and looking lean. However, weight training is just as beneficial for women as it is for men. Contrary to the popular belief that women should only workout with light weights this routine is different. Women are free to pick the heaviest weight they can handle.

Workout Routine #1- Super Set Training
Super set training has been used by many body building gurus to build muscle fast in a short amount of time. Super sets however, have been proven to provide great results in women when done the right way. The following super-set workout plan is a great one for women to start off with.

1A) Dumbbell Squat- 8 reps
1B) Dumbbell Incline Chest Press- 8 reps

2A) Dumbbell Split Squat- 8 reps
2B) Dumbbell Flat Bench Press- 8 reps

3A) Pull ups- 5 reps
3B) Push ups- 8 reps

All of these exercises should be done with medium to heavy weight. The great thing about super-set workouts is that they are fast and fun to do. They are a great way to build lean muscle fast for maximum fat loss.

Workout Routine #2- Interval Training
Interval training is a great way for women to build stamina and target belly fat. This is one of the best workout routines for women because they will shape and define your legs and carve out a nice looking flat stomach. Intervals are easier when done on a treadmill because you are able to monitor your time and speed. An example of an interval would be running at a moderately fast pace for 45 seconds then slowing down to a jog or walk for 90 seconds. For a good interval session each workout must have 6 intervals. This is the minimum requirement for a good fat burning cardio session.

Super-sets and intervals each take about 20 minutes to complete. If you decide to do them back to back then you are looking at a 45 minute workout. Combining these two workouts is so powerful that you only need to do them 3 days a week to get amazing results. If you are in a hurry you can also do super-sets one day and intervals on another for a total of six days at 20 minutes per workout.