April 14, 2024


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Xbox 360 Glitches – The Queen Mother of All Xbox 360 Glitches

Do you suffer from the queen mother of all Xbox 360 Glitches also known as the red-ring-of-death? Do those blinking lights torture you? You are not alone. Experts say that millions suffer from this dreaded Xbox 360 glitch every year. Many others around the world are feeling the same pain you are, unable to play their xbox 360 due to this troublesome glitch. Do not be despair, I am here to deliver some good news. Most people do not know that there is a home remedy that cures the red-ring-of-death.

Save the expense of paying a professional to administer the same remedy that you yourself can do with household items and an inexpensive Xbox 360 repair kit that you can purchase on eBay. Your can anticipate that your Xbox 360 will be fully cured, up and running in about an hours time. Here is what you should look for in a Xbox 360 repair kit.

  1. Typically the repair kits are provided with free step-by-step instructions to perform the procedure. There are some Xbox 360 repair kits that even have videos to help along the way. So get the best deal you can and look for both features; step by step instructions and videos.
  2. The Xbox 360 repair kits themselves typically consist of 8 screws, 16 washers and some thermal paste. It is always cheaper to buy the kit than to buy the parts yourself. It is the thermal paste that costs the most and makes buying the parts separately more expensive.
  3. Also when purchasing a kit, look for free shipping and don’t forget to check the ratings of the eBayer selling the kit. Once you are satisfied with the seller of the Xbox 360 repair kit go ahead and purchase.

To install the kit all you need are household tools and a little bit of elbow grease. It is so simple to do and you won’t have to suffer anymore. There are lots of people who found it so easy that they now repair other peoples Xbox 360’s just to make a little extra cash. Don’t suffer any longer, go ahead and fix your own Xbox 360, you will be glad you did.