July 24, 2024


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You Are 60 Days From Visible Six Pack Abs

You Are 60 Days From Visible Six Pack Abs

Having visible abs is about what you eat verses what you exercise. Without doing one ab workout, visible abs are within your reach in 60 days if you are 25 pounds or 4 inches in the waist overweight. Here’s how.

I have been a fitness enthusiast and avid weight lifter for the last 15 years, managing to completely alter my appearance with the addition of 25-30 pounds of muscle mass. You don’t do this without consuming more calories than your body needs, how else does it get the extra needed to add size. At know point during this 15 year mission have I ever had a visible six pack mid section, and I have done thousands of ab workouts.

By staying true to a healthy lifestyle my increased calorie intake allowed me to add muscle mass, though there will be an accompanying fat gain as well, but minimized. Knowing that visible abs were a function of how much is eaten, I decided to try and “cut” for the first time ever. Without altering anything else my abs have become visible in 60 days by doing just a couple things.

I stopped focusing on what I weigh, and started focusing on getting the exact amount of protein my body needed and not one gram more. With this in mind finding the best and purest form of that protein became important. As a weight lifter my concerns were ingesting a lot of protein, period. How I got that didn’t matter to me as much. Lot’s of beef, chicken, turkey, dairy products and so on. Through a little research and experimentation I was able to find the right kinds of food to eat and then weight lifting supplements to take that not only were less in carb, fat and sugar but then of course, calories.

Which is what you have to eliminate to lose weight in general, and fat in particular assuming you are getting enough protein per day.

The combination of these 2 ideas, the right kind of food protein sources, coupled with the right weight lifting supplements has curbed my appetite to the point where I can be full all day, nourished with the right body requirements and cut calories to the point that in 60 days I have dropped 20 pounds of pure fat.