July 24, 2024


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3 Isometric Exercises to Improve Finger Strength and Flexibility

3 Isometric Exercises to Improve Finger Strength and Flexibility

Our hands are often overlooked when we think of our health. Hands need the same care, stretching and exercise as every other muscle and joint in our body. We expect our hands to help us daily in almost every activity that we do from eating, to holding a book, or using the computer keyboard and mouse. To avoid injury and reduce the effects of arthritis hand exercises are very helpful.

Hand dexterity exercises were designed to stretch and massage the muscles and joints in the hand resulting in creating greater strength, flexibility and coördination. Most of these exercises feel good and make you hands stronger and more agile as well as preventing loss of function and weakness as we age.

Isometric exercise means tensing a muscle and holding it for 15 to 30 seconds while maintaining the tension. Isometric exercises are especially beneficial to people who have limited range of motion.

You can fit in exercise almost anywhere, anytime, with minimal equipment.

Exercise one: The wrist flex

Extend arm in front of you, palm facing up (as if you are pushing against a wall). Grab the fingers using your other hand and gently pull them back towards you-holding for 20 seconds. Repeat on other wrist. You have completed 1 repetition. Try to do a set of 3 repetitions.

Exercise two: Grip Strength

To improve your grip there are 3 small pieces of equipment that will help you. All are small and easily portable. First is a grip device that consists of two handles connected by a spring. They are available in most sporting goods departments-purchase one that is right for your current hand strength.

A Squeeze ball is an excellent tool to have on your desk. Squeezing it not only strengthens your handgrip but is also a great stress reliever.

A small weight is another easy, simple to use and inexpensive way to increase your handgrip.

When doing grip exercises it is best to alternate hands, try to do the same number of repetitions on each hand.

Increased hand strength helps with everyday tasks such as opening jars and keeping your grip on a heavy object.

Exercise Three: Hand Flexibility

This exercise needs no equipment.

Place both hands together and palms touching and push your hands together, hold for 10-20 seconds.


Isometric hand exercises that strengthen hand grip also have a positive effect on lowering blood pressure in adults.

Performing these exercises several times a day is simple, feels good and will increase strength and dexterity. Your hands will feel better, have better blood circulation and help reduce pain and discomfort while performing basic daily activities.