July 24, 2024


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5 Secrets on How to Prevent Injuries When Running

5 Secrets on How to Prevent Injuries When Running

Do you ever get pain running for long distances? If you are a marathon runner, you may develop a lot of musculoskeletal problems like back pain and ankle sprains. In order to prevent having these types of following you will need to do several things:

1. Correct your running biomechanics. The major reason why joggers get pain is because they have incorrect running technique. Whenever you are running make sure you run in a straight line and do not favour one side of your leg. Always keep your stride length equal and at the same pace.

2. Wear proper footwear. Nike shoes are great to wear because they have spent millions of dollars in designing and testing shoes. However, avoid buying cheap brand names because they usually don’t last very long and may cause more injuries.

3. Strap up your ankles or knees with tape. The knee is probably one of the most unstable joints in the body. You will need to tape up your need to give your knees extra stability. If you are not sure how to tape up your knee, consult a physical therapist to show you the correct technique.

4. Warm up and stretch before jogging. You can develop muscle strain if you don’t adequately warm up your muscles. You should stretch your leg muscles for at least five minutes before you start jogging.

5. Drink lots of water. You will sweat and lose fluids whenever you run. Make sure you drink lots of fluids before you start running.