May 24, 2024


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Swimming Pool Prices – Don’t Get Ripped Off

Putting in a swimming pool in your backyard sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? You can swim at your leisure and entertain family and friends on those hot summer days. Unfortunately, the price tag of a swimming pool isn’t cheap. You could end up spending thousands of extra dollars if you don’t do the proper research and compare pool companies before you put in the pool.

Pool prices vary depending on the kind of swimming pool you want. Inground pools tend to be more expensive because of the digging and excavation involved. With let setup required, an above ground pool is more affordable for most families. The bottom line is that you want to end up paying the right price for your swimming pool.

The best way to do this is by comparing pool companies and pool prices against one another. Beware of companies that offer pools at discount prices or a relatively low price tag. Cheaper isn’t always better. However, you want to pay a reasonable price overall. Expensive pools don’t always mean better, either. Watch out for hidden costs that can inflate the price of your pool. If you choose a company based on a lower price tag but their service isn’t the best, you may end up paying more in the long run to fix mistakes. What you want is a reputable pool company, which offers pool prices that you cannot only afford but that are reasonable.

In looking for reasonable pool prices, you want to think about what you will be paying for. Installation of an inground pool involves excavation, pouring concrete and setup. Essentially you will be tearing up your backyard and then putting it back together. The final price tag also depends on the kinds of accessories you decide on. Adding things like a waterfall, a slide or a pool heater can raise the price a great deal.

The best way to be financial prepared for your pool is to calculate the amount of money you will be spending ahead of time. Factor in the accessories, the installation, and the price tag of the price tag itself. Also, be sure to set some money aside incase anything goes wrong. You want to be able to afford mistakes or mishaps, should they occur. If not, then you will have that extra money left over to play with. You can use it to buy some fun and exciting pool furniture, pool games or pool floaties for your entire family to enjoy.

The average family-size inground pool costs about $15,000, while most above ground pools range from $2,500 to $4,500 if you install it yourself. Cost will also be determined by the size, style and location of the pool. Also remember that installation costs extra, so unless you plan on installing the pool yourself you will need to pay for installation. Other costs may include landscaping, pool fencing and ongoing maintenance. Ongoing maintenance can include anything from chlorine and other cleansing chemicals, preservation of filtration equipment, pumps and hoses, and electrical maintenance.