July 24, 2024


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Jogging

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jogging

Jogging is one of the best cardiovascular and fat burning exercises. It requires no special skills. Jogging reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Despite its advantages, jogging is still not recommended for everyone. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of jogging.

Jogging is a form of trotting or running at a slow leisurely pace. The main intention is to increase fitness with less stress on the body than from faster running. It strengthens the heart and helps to burn off excess fat. It requires no special skill, little expenditure, and can be done almost anywhere.

Some of other health benefits of jogging are:
o Jogging is one of the best cardiovascular and fat burning exercises. Jogging conditions the heart, improves your muscle tone and strength, and relieves stress, besides it also deals with osteoporosis, arthritis and reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.
o Jogging helps to reduce stubborn belly fat. As jogging burns more calories than walking as you consume more oxygen per mile than walking. Stubborn fat can be very hard to shift, and a running program can really help to cut down on the last of your stubborn fat.
o It improves appetite and relieves you from constipation and other stomach ailments.
o As jogging is a weight bearing exercise it causes the bone to retain minerals and thus supports the rebuilding/maintenance of strong bones.
o Psychological benefits of jogging include confidence and character building, and a boost in attitude. Jogging also reduces stress and depression by increasing blood flow to the brain, bringing extra sugar and oxygen, which can help when concentrating.
o Other benefits of jogging include increase in red blood cell count and hemoglobin level in blood which means that you transport oxygen much more efficiently throughout your body.

Despite its advantages jogging is still not advisable for everyone. Some of disadvantages of jogging are:

o Compared to walking jogging puts a greater strain on your body hence there are possibilities of getting muscle cramps and injuries to joint, including the ankle knee, hip and lumbar vertebrae of the lower back.
o Jogging also stresses the front region of the lower leg, commonly causing pain and connective tissues irritation that we refer to as shift joints.

Consequently for all these reasons, jogging may not be the best initial exercise choice for people who are considerably overweight or people with any health or muscle problems.