April 15, 2024


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Ball Back Extension As Part of Six Pack Abs Exercises – Exercises For Six Pack Abs

It is probably safe to say that every man and woman who values his health would like to have a stunning midsection. This should not be a worry since there are lots of six pack abs exercises out there. People always think that it is necessary to enroll in a professional fitness center to be able to develop good abdominal muscles. This is a fallacy because these exercises for six pack abs are pretty much doable at home.

One good example of a very effective exercise is the core exercise on the ball. All you need is an exercise ball and you are good to go. The ball will help you strengthen the core muscle on your abs including muscles that are considered as hard to get or develop. Among these muscles are your TVA and the erector spinae. Other than developing your abs, this exercise will improve your physical and balance and coordination.

Before doing six pack abs exercises, remember to hold on to the wall if this is your first time these types of exercises on a ball. A key here also is to do about three sets with 12-16 repetitions per set. Do not practice moves that will hurt or injure you and always do warm up-exercises.

Put the ball under your hips and bend your knees. Put your hands behind your back and roll down the ball slowly. Lift your chest slowly of the ball to bring your body on a straight line. Do not hyper-extend your back.