July 23, 2024


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Proven Workout to Get a Six-Pack Abs

Proven Workout to Get a Six-Pack Abs

Without a doubt the quest for a set of six-pack abs is the most sought after feature in our fitness efforts. And the market makers have responded to that want with a sea of gadgets that do not work and drinks and concoctions that really do us no good or make us sick. Everyone wants that sexy six-pack abs and there really is a proven workout to get our hearts desire.

While it is true that these devices and drinks do have a small effect on our abdominal area, the real truth is that we need to start with the fat covering the muscle in these areas. Think of the belly fat as a blanket over an already decent set of stomach muscles. The real work will be losing that belly fat to uncover what we already have.

The proven workout to get a Six-Pack abs is a workout that burns fat. If you were thinking we would just be doing sit-ups then you were wrong. To get rid of that fat which covers that muscle we most do a whole body type workout. High intensity full body, multiple joint exercises. What we are looking for is a big metabolism boost to help shed that fat. Now instead of doing the sit-ups, we want to do a higher resistance set of exercises such as leg lefts. Lying on your back with your arms to your side, raise both legs about one foot above the floor. Do this exercise for about five to ten minutes. Then finish off as always with a set of jumping jacks.

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