May 22, 2024


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Best Mage Leveling Spec 3.3 Edition

Sometimes it can be hard to find up to date information for WoW, but don’t worry; this is the best mage leveling spec for 3.3, and when another patch comes out we’ll update again! This article will be using a Frost spec, as it is still the undisputed king until the highest levels, where Arcane becomes a competitive rival.

Improved Frostbolt – 5/5 – Literally MUST-HAVE

Ice Floes – 3/3 – Nova every pull!

Frostbite – 3/3 – Slower foes=more time killing them instead of kiting

Ice Shards – 3/3 – Part of our biggest ‘talent combo’

Permafrost – 3/3 – Nice when it procs, especially when we have Shatter+Icy Shards

Icy Veins – 1/1 – Use it often, don’t let it sit unused

Arctic Reach – 2/2 – Same effect as snares; less time you need to kite

Frost Channeling – 3/3 – A bit more mana efficiency is nice

Shatter – 3/3 – Turns your damage from meh to awesome; rooted foes will almost definitely get critted, which means massive damage thanks to Icy Shards

Cold Snap – 1/1 – Great for all sorts of special situations and emergencies

Cold as Ice – 2/2 – Nice to get cooldowns more often!

Winter’s Chill – 3/3 – More damage

Ice Barrier – 1/1 – Don’t use it unless you need to, it wastes mana

Shattered Barrier – 2/2 – Turns Ice Barrier into Frost Nova 2.0

Arctic Winds – 1/5 – Filler point

Empowered Frostbolt – 2/2 – More Frostbolts, stronger Frostbolts!

Fingers of Frost – 2/2 – Even more chances to Shatter opponents!

Brain Freeze – 3/3 – Save some mana, and if you’re smart kite while you cast it!

Summon Water Elemental – 1/1 – Turns mage into one of the strongest leveling classes. Get Glyph of Eternal Water for leveling.

Enduring Winter – 3/3 – Replenishment is amazing for a mage; Int is worth having now

Chilled to the Bone – 3/5 – OK but don’t bother finishing it

Deep Freeze – 1/1 – A stun that activates Shatter for the duration. Awesome.

After Deep Freeze, move to Arcane for some survivability and utility talents, and a bit damage buff at the end:

Arcane Subtlety – 2/2

Arcane Focus – 3/3

Arcane Fortitude – 3/3

Magic Absorption – 2/2

Magic Attunement – 2/2

Spell Impact – 3/3

Improved Counterspell – 2/2

Torment the Weak – 3/3

Remember, time spent regening health and mana is just as wasted as time killing mobs; that’s why Frost beats out Fire and Arcane for leveling, so play smart!

Frost playstyle is simple for single targets: Frostbolt until you need to Nova and get some room, then Frostbolt some more. Despite the easy basic style, skilled players will find that Frost is actually the most skill-rewarding spec in the game at a high playing level!

There you have it; the best mage leveling spec for 3.3! Be sure to check back for a new article next patch, and have fun until then.