June 16, 2024


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Bunk Beds Are For Everyone

Can you believe that over 61 million people live in the United Kingdom? 61 million people are crammed on a few islands in Europe, it’s crazy. Each year the amount of available space is decreasing and it’s getting harder for parents to find houses with enough space for their kids. Children need a lot of space to play around and grow. Bunk beds are the perfect investment. Bunk beds allow you two comfortable fit two kids in one room. Bunk beds are one on top of the other so it’s not only convenient but a lot of fun. There are tons of things to do with bunk beds like play games, hang down, and the best thing, bunk bed pranks!

One bunk bed prank that is really hilarious requires a little work. If you remove the support beams on one side of the bed you can create some fun. When your sibling goes to sleep the mattress will til to a sharp angle like a slide. They will literally go sliding down onto the lower bed. A variation of this prank is to remove all of the support beams. Make sure the mattress is in the center and the “prankee”, as I like to say, while fall flat and won’t slide.

Another prank you can do is to remove the screws that keep one side of the bed standing. If you put everything bag together the way it was before the weight will keep it standing. once the top bunk person is in the bed you can kick that side of the bed and it will come crashing and give your sibling or roommate or friend a huge shock. This is also a variation of the slide, but with the whole bed frame. Go on and have some fun messing with your friend.

And finally, one of the best and safest pranks to pull. That’s right. They’re safe and awesome.We all know that duct tape is pretty much the strongest invention ever made. you can use duct tape in a really creative way by duct taping your friend to the top of the bed. You can hang them on a bed of duct tape or simply stick them to the mattress. To do this you’ll need at least 3-6 rolls of duct tape depending on the size of your friend. And the final, best variation of this is to use saran wrap or cling-film. Saran wrap is really strong when stuck to itself in layers so go ahead and wrap up your friend. Be careful though, make sure they have enough room and openings to breathe.

Bunk bed pranks are extremely hilarious and fun to do! Keep yourself entertained and have fun with your friends and siblings. Also, there’s the convenience aspect of bunk beds, so convince your parents to get them! But make sure to be careful because you don’t want to get hurt. Make sure not to do anything to crazy or too wild, just enough to shock and have fun at the same time. Who said bunk beds are just for kids?