May 17, 2024


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Dirty Psychological Tricks to Win Your Ex Back – Rock-Solid, Field-Tested Mantra Which Works

Not to mention, break ups are definitely painful and difficult to bear with. And the situation turns out to be worst if you, on your part are not ready to forgo with the relationship. Initially after the break up you have that sense of agony flaming you up, but with the dust settled down, you realize that life without your ex-partner is turning out to be difficult. You have that feeling of reunion chasing you at any time of the day. A helpful tip: it is easier for you to bring your ex back by knowing what actually made him/ her dump you. And recognizing the problem, paving the path for your ex-lover to see your way is simpler with the use of a couple of dirty psychological trick….

Remember those days of immense torturing days when your partner made no delays in sending you the verdict? So come on folks, now it’s your time to take the chance of letting your ex know how it feels to get dejected!

Be strict with your emotions-

Within your hearts you know that you want your ex to come back to you; but never make your face show that up. Initially after the break up it is important that you maintain a distance from your ex-lover. Carry on with your life in an unperturbed manner. This way you are not empowering him/her further. Let your ex be under the impression that he/ she carry no capability to hurt your feelings. It is advisable that you do not make the mistake of being obsessed, as it’ll surely hamper the chances of your ex giving a second thought.

Focus upon his personality-

This is a complete reverse psychological trick. So what if your ex has dumped you? You can always go around complimenting him. Shower upon him your praises in the communal gathering and see how wonderfully it works for you.

Family bonds-

Family is the strongest and supposedly the most powerful tie to pull your ex back. There’s no greater a pleasure than enjoying the family support when working on the mission of bringing your ex back to you. Initially you may feel disgusted to do such a thing, but go ahead just to ensure that your mission is accomplished.