June 16, 2024


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Dress Up Your Windows With Roman Window Shades

Let’s face it, you are home decor isn’t complete until you’ve put something on the windows and Roman window shades are a great way to get a finished but informal look in any room. Roman shades can be hung in your windows all by themselves or they can be used in conjunction with balances, curtains or drapes for a great layered look.

Hanging Roman shades is pretty simple. They hang on the inside of the window sash so they need a tension rod or rod that you screw in to the window opening. The shades than just simply slid onto the rod in the rod hung inside the window. If you are hanging Roman shades in your home, you want to make sure that you place the rod up near the top of the window and then it is an equal distance from the top sash in all Windows.

Roman window shades come in pretty much any material color you want. Bamboo is a popular material especially for tropical a beach homes but Roman shades can also be made in cotton and polyester fabrics too.

Making Roman shades is an option if you can’t find ones that are suitable to your needs. They are fairly easy to make – just go into the store and examine them manufactured Roman Shade and you’ll see that they basically consists of three or more “pockets” which usually have some sort of a stiff piece like a small board in them. These “pockets” are what I used to pull up the shades so that the shades end up with a layered look when they are drawn. When they are hanging down in the windows they just appear to be a flat panel.

In order to make Roman shades pull up correctly you need to attach the strings on either side and run them through the stiff pieces of material inside each pocket. That way, when you pull on the strings the shades will fold up one “pocket” under the other.

If you don’t feel like making Roman shades yourself is on option, you can easily embellish ones that you find in store to give them more of a unique and interesting flair. just buy a plane shade in a color that is complementary to your decor. You might want to select a color that is in the fabric of your sofa or if it is In a bedroom about from choose the shades to be a secondary color from your bedding or shower curtain. Then by some embellishments such as ribbon, hanging pom-poms, fringe and anything else you see that catches your eye.

To add the embellishments to your Roman shades, you can make it easier and yourself by buying a hot glue gun and you can simply glue on anything you’d like to any spot in the shade. Typically, people embellish the shades by adding additional ribbon or fringe to the very bottom but you don’t have to limit yourself to this – let your Imagination go wild!

If you find that your Roman window shades look a little beer in your Windows, then you might want to try adding a valance on the top of the window. You can choose amounts to the same color as the Roman shade or you might pick a patent shade with a patent match is one of the colors in your plain Roman shade. if you go in for really formal look, you can even add drapes on the sides of the Windows.

Hanging Roman shades in your windows is not only an easy task, but it can also add a professional look to your decor.